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Christmas White Elephant and Munchies 2016
Christmas White Elephant Munchies

Christmas White Elephant Munchies

Pastor John - wonder what it is all wrapped up?

Pastor John – wonder what it is all wrapped up?

Wonder what it is?

Wonder what it is?


Pretty Christmas Tree in our Fellowship Hall

Someone keeps taking my popcorn!!!

Someone keeps taking my popcorn!!!


Please don’t take my popcorn again!!

White Elephant - anxiously waiting our turn to pick a present.

White Elephant – anxiously waiting our turn to pick a present.

This is fun!!!

This is fun!!!

New Years Eve 2016 – Weenie Roast

Pastor John’s Surprise Birthday Party January 15, 2017

A beautiful and tasty birthday cake

Pastor John and Bonnie

Families are wonderful

What me hungry?

Patience as we wait for Sandwiches and Cake…

Of course we are smiling – there is cake coming soon!!

Wheres the cake?

I can do this…. and then we eat!!

Pastor’s Pancake Breakfast – January 21, 2017

I told you I could cook!

See – Bacon – whose hungry?

Happy Hungry Faces

We are growing young men – we need bacon!!!

Yummy for the tummy!!

We pray – then we eat!!!

We relax, we chat – and then ….WE EAT!!!

OK – where is the pancakes, eggs and bacon and sausage?

Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage

Congratulations Dana and Peggy

Happy 50th Anniversary

   A little surprise cake Sunday morning January 29th for Dana and Peggy’s 50th wedding anniversary on January 28th.

Valentines Celebration Sunday February 12, 2017

A WONDERFUL Chicken Cordon Bleu Dinner prepared by Bonnie and Pastor John.
….After the dinner The OLDYWED GAME… 

Valentines Dinner 2017

Valentines Dinner 2017

Valentines Dinner 2017

Valentines Dinner – before the Oldy Wed Game

Larry – making sure all goes well with the OldyWed Game

The OldyWed Game hosted by Pastor John. Contestants – Gary/Becky, Jack/Rogene
Jack and Rogene – perfect score 70 points

Becky’s Valentines Cupcakes for the dinner.

Talent Show Night Saturday March 18, 2017

Our MC Allen

Logan, Rain and Larry prepping for their bottle toss contest… All did well; but, Rain was the winner.

Alice performing a skit

R.T. and Gary sharing in song

Donna sharing wonderful poems

Kiera sharing her flexibility.

Folks in the audience enjoying the show….

Bob and Kathy sharing a beautiful song

Dana sharing a moving story

MC Drummer Allen

Noah’s Graduation From GCBI and Celebration Luncheon at the Church

GCBI 2017 Graduates

Bonny, Pastor John and Noah

Noah’s Dad, Noah and Esther

Pastor John and Noah

Noah and Becky –
“Ya mean I now have to get a real job???”

Beverages all set up for the celebration at The Way

Graduation Ceremony at Grace Church

Memorial Day Service with Missionaries Doug and Karen Phillips

Missionaries Doug And Karen Phillips

Display Table in Welcome Center

Pastor John

Independence Day Celebration Cookout and Movie on July 1st 2017


Getting ready for the cookout feast!

Here comes the food!!


Anxiously waiting for our turn in the burger and dog line…


Whose the Burger Meister here?

My plate is really big – I am HUNGRY!!!

One of our Star pupils in Children’s Church with Becky.

Finally – the food line is moving!!

Soon it will be our turn….

Where’s the Beef? We are hungry!!

Patience – it is almost our turn!!!

The movie after the cookout is Yankee Doodle Dandy – and I hear it is a DANDY!!!!!

Hmmm, Hmmm Good!!!