Noah’s Graduation From GCBI and Celebration Luncheon at the Church

Noah has been our Children’s Church Leader at the Church of the Way Sebring,  since September of 2016 through May of 2017.  He has been part of GCBI – Grace Church Bible Institute – and has now completed his studies well rooted in God’s Word.  

Bonny, Pastor John and Noah

Noah and Esther

Noah’s Dad, Noah and Esther

Noah and his Dad

Pastor John and Noah

Graduation Ceremony at Grace Church

Beverages all set up for the celebration at The Way

We at the Church of the Way – will surely miss Noah’s smile and wonderful interaction with our children.  These are pictures from his graduation at Grace as well as his going away luncheon at the Church of The Way.

Noah and Becky –
“Ya mean I now have to get a real job???”

Membership Sunday July 30, 2017

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Semi-Annual Business Meeting with a Pot Luck Lunch – August 20, 2017

Bob and Kathy Keifling sharing in song.

Folks getting a nice serving of delicious foods prepared by our congregation.

Desserts too!!

Lots of good food to eat!

We love meetings that start with food!!

Pastor John sharing.

a few of our folks in the meeting.

A few of our folks in the meeting.

Pastor John sharing.

Treasurer Gary Walker presenting financial status of the church.

Nobody likes to sit in the front rows!!