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 Neighborhood Cookout October 13, 2018

MAMA MIA Spaghetti Dinner June 9, 2018

The tables are all set prior to the meal –

WE can hardly wait until it is our turn to get our speghett!

Soon and Very Soon we will be eating….

Time to get our fill!

YEA!!! MAMMA MIA that’s some spicy speghett!

Relaxing after a great dinner. Thank You Cheryl, Donna, Kathy and Bess for all you did to make this dinner a GREAT Success!!!

Celebrating Luke’s Graduation Day from the

Great Commision Bible Insitute

May 6, 2018

Celebration cake

Celebration in the Fellowship Hall

Celebration in the Fellowship Hall

Luke introducing his Mom, girlfriend and brothers.

Luke with Pastor John during service

Overseers praying over Luke

Luke has graduated from GCBI.

Luke’s Family

GCBI 2018 Graduation Class