Church of the Way Family,

We have reopened the church building to gather publicly beginning Sunday May 31st at 10:30 a.m.

 We will be practicing proper social distancing as we gather with the following temporary changes:

  • We will not have Sunday School
  • Nor will there be Children’s ministries (e.g. Children’s Church).
  • We will also not have any refreshments or fellowship time before the service.
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Pairs of chairs are spaced 6 feet apart in the sanctuary as well as the fellowship hall, if needed, for overflow. There are some larger groups of chairs for larger families.
  • As much as we may want to, please refrain from handshakes, hugs, tackling, etc. 
  • Lastly, we will continue with weekly deep cleaning and will have hand sanitizer available.

We have, and continue to, strive to respond and function, in this season, in the most loving and wise way possible. With that in mind, please do not feel pressured in any way to attend if you do not feel comfortable yet and/or are not feeling well yourself. We will continue to post the messages online each week and look forward to the day when things settle down more and we see you again.

We also understand that there are many churches and individuals who have made different decisions on when and how they will begin to gather publicly. We stand united, in love and respect, with them. We trust in God’s direction for them in their specific circumstances as they also seek to do what is most loving and wise.


Two additional items in closing; a big thank you and a reminder:

First, thank you all for your gracious and generous attitude during this season. Your continued support, both financially and relationally, has been an enormous encouragement to me and our leadership teams. You have sacrificially supported this church and its decisions with great humility and love. Thank You.

Also on that note, a big thank you to the Overseers and their continued faithful guidance during this interesting time. It really is a privilege to serve along side these men.


And as a pastoral reminder, may we all continue (as I have regularly witnessed here) strive for unity. These are interesting times, some may even say challenging! As we move forward, may we continue all the more to stand together, being unified in our love for Christ and each other.  We are still in the heart of this season with lots of decisions and challenges ahead. Each of which, we all recognize, are opportunities for the subtle and destructive seeds of disunity to take root.

Obviously this is not new to “Covid life,” and definitely not unique to our church. Paul spent a lot of time encouraging the Church to unity. Ephesians (chapter 4), Philippians (chapters 2 & 4), Romans (12 &15), and Galatians (6) are just a sampling These passages are a powerful reminder of the intentionality we must all continue to take. They speak equally to the  beautiful and powerful result (i.e. witness) of our loving unity is to our hurting friends, neighbors, and even those who would consider themselves opposed to Christ  and His Church.


All that to say, we look forward to gathering this Wednesday Night (6:15) with prayer and continued discussion on how to study the Bible (Chapters 34-38 in Living by the Book). And we look forward to seeing you next Sunday as we gather together to worship our risen savior Jesus!


By His grace alone,